ZA Joins Hands with Towngas to Help Catering Industry
Fight and Recover from Pandemic with Consumption Stimulus

ZA International and its subsidiary ZA Bank today announced a collaboration with Towngas through participation in Towngas’ “Supporting F&B and the Economy” campaign to help the catering industry push through adversity and return to normalcy.

ZA International will allocate HK$5 million to establish the "ZA F&B Relief Fund" to provide emergency aid to more than 3,000 small and medium-sized eateries which have participated in the campaign. In the unfortunate event that an eatery is subject to temporary closure as a result of COVID-19 (employees or customers being infected, for example), ZA International will provide a one-time emergency aid of HK$50,000 to the owner, enabling them to focus on fighting off the virus. Eatery owners who successfully open a personal account at ZA Bank will be automatically covered by the ZA F&B Relief Fund.

In addition, ZA Bank, Hong Kong’s first virtual bank, will give out HK$300 worth of F&B e-cash coupons to members of Towngas' new membership programme and online shopping platform "Towngas Fun". Together with F&B coupons of HK$50 provided by Towngas, members can spend coupons valued at HK$350 at nearly 1,000 participating eateries after successfully opening a personal account at ZA Bank.

Wayne Xu, President of ZA International, said: "The catering industry is one of the key pillars of Hong Kong's economy. Not only is it closely related to our daily lives, but it also shoulders the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of workers. Citizens dine out less often during the pandemic, which has taken a serious toll on eateries. Some restaurants even had to temporarily close as their customers were diagnosed with COVID-19, making the situation even direr. In view of this, ZA International has rallied to Towngas’ ‘Supporting F&B and the Economy’ campaign, and established the ZA F&B Relief Fund as a relief measure for restaurants. Apart from showing our support for the catering industry through actions, we pledge to stand in solidarity with our society to fight against the pandemic and bring people's lives back to normal."

Rockson Hsu, CEO of ZA Bank, said: "As Hong Kong’s first virtual bank, ZA Bank, besides promoting fintech innovation, should do its utmost to work with other stakeholders in the business community to help businesses steer through these challenging times, and contribute to economic recovery as the pandemic eases. And as the city is loosening social-distancing restrictions, ZA Bank hopes to encourage people to dine out by gifting e-cash coupons to ZA Bank users who successfully open an account, in collaboration with Towngas Fun. We hope this would help the F&B industry break through the haze as soon as possible."

Since the beginning of the year, ZA International has been actively providing anti-epidemic support to the community. In February, ZA International allocated HK$6 million to establish the "ZA Relief Fund" to provide financial aid for ZA Fam members infected with COVID-19. The coverage of the fund was extended in April to riders of Hong Kong’s leading online food delivery platform Deliveroo, as a step forward to fight against the pandemic hand in hand with riders who have upheld their professionalism to provide valuable service for the community during the outbreak.

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